Master tunesmith and inveterate rock dweller, t.k. bollinger has tirelessly worked for close to 30 years writing and recording, ignoring fashion and genre, to release over 20 albums and EPs of his music.

Like bollinger, his music is introspective and idiosyncratic. Borrowing sounds from the 20th and 21st centuries, the songs he creates are sometimes quirky, sometimes intense, but literate, melodic and centred around the trials life presents living in a centreless universe. With a soulful wit and a trained voice he sings sweet lullabys to certainty.

As a long time meditator his lyrics can best be understood using a buddhist lens, as tales of loss and longing on the path to understanding. They reflect the need for each of us to examine our own suffering, not to find excuses or build a crutch, but to take personal responsibility for our pain by facing, embracing and integrating it in order to eventually awaken what is truly real inside ourselves.