Dreaming Electric

Dreamin Electric Learning Infernal Tongues Front Cover

Dreaming Electric was a 4 hour live to air experimental music show/performance that was aired on Melbourne community radio station 3CR between 1999 and 2002.

Originally conceived by Ollie Olsen collaborator Ito the slot was taken over by t.k. bollinger (aka. Mr Bollinger) in 1999. Together with Stinking Badger of Java band mate Paul Narkiewicz, under the moniker Moontan, they transformed the show into an anything goes improvisation fused with specially prepared recorded material and live sound performance.

Beats met samples, met live instrumentation, met live raps and improvised vocalisation – blending trance, hip hop, house, ambient and everything else in between.

A wild menagerie of collaborators graced the 3CR studios that Friday morning including A.D.Amor, James Earthernware, Frankie Death, and members of John the Band (the skip-hop collective whose only rule for membership was that collaborators needed to change their names to John), Myth Eaters and Vocabularinist amongst others.

A compilation of highlights from the first 2 years of the radio show was released in 2001. Entitled Learning Infernal Tongues it is available for download through Yippie Bean, along with a number of other electronic musical highlights of some of the above named artists.