Coffee and Croon Week 10 and 11 and the Big 50

Again I have been a little tardy in compiling the Coffee and Croon playlists. My apologies. But things are now back on track with another couple weeks of Periscope and Facebook croons for you to catch up on, including the 50th performance.

It’s a glorious achievement. 50 songs and only 1 repeat (which was because I ended up recording that song in the studio and previewed it to you all). Thanks to those of you who tuned in. If you missed out, I am still posting these performances on YouTube, without edits, so you can enjoy them in all their glory, glitches and all.

The playlist of the previous weeks are all set out below, awaiting your perusal, so grab a cuppa and check them out.

Week 10

Week 11

I have decided to confine my casts to 3 days a week to help me to get my head around some work I have been neglecting. It’s amazing how these performances rev me up and make the hours around each cast scattered and a little unproductive. So I will be performing on Tuesday to Thursday, from now on. This week, I’m using Periscope, so feel free to follow or friend me and tune into my casts for the rest of this week around 11am AEST. (use this timezone converter to find out when that is in your part of the world) or catch up on YouTube for more live original songs.

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