Music Projects

t.k. bollinger that sinking feeling alley photo by Matthew-Engert

Doom — the Real Wealth
2011 to present

In 2011 Bollinger began jamming with Vis Ortis and Richard Ziltch. Born from a mutual love of Doom Metal and a desire to evolve the slowcore arrangements that permeated 2011’s denial recording into a band setting – the result was That Sinking Feeling.

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Sad and Wailing Songs
2004 to present

In 2004, a trip by Bollinger up the east coast and through the desert to the top end, collecting songs and impressions on his way, led to a decision to strip back his sound and to begin playing solo and unadorned. The result was an idiosyncratic country blues sound.

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Dreamin Electric Learning Infernal Tongues Cover Image

Electricity is the Devil
1999 to 2004

With the advent of the 90’s home-studio revolution, Bollinger took on the common honorific to become Mr Bollinger, and together with ex-TSBOJ band mate Paul Narkiewicz, under the moniker Moontan, created the late night 4 hour live to air anything goes aural experiment Dreaming Electric.

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The Stinking Badger of Java Myth Eaters Cross

A Road of Fog
1995 to 2001

The Stinking Badger of Java was unlike any other band on the Melbourne scene in the 1990’s – a stunning and askew form of music that is both haunting and quirky, lyrically obscure and musically intricate.

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Rifled Slug Form Preceeds Destiny Cover Art

Truth in a Bullet
1993 to 1995

In 1994, Bollinger formed Rifled Slug together with bassist/guitarists Marty Spinardi and Robyn Spear. An eclectic 3 headed monster of alt-rock grit in which Bollinger cut his teeth in the vibrant pub scene in Melbourne.

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