Mr Bollinger

1999 to 2004

In the late ’90s with the advent of the home-studio revolution, Bollinger took on the common honorific to become Mr Bollinger, and together with ex-TSBOJ band mate Paul Narkiewicz, under the moniker Moontan, created the late night 4 hour live to air anything goes aural experiment Dreaming Electric (1999 – 2002).

Beats met samples, met live instrumentation, met live raps and improvised vocalisation – blending trance, hip hop, house and everything else. The music was distributed freely and can still be heard and downloaded under the Yippie Bean label.

A wild menagerie of collaborators graced the 3CR studios that Friday morning including A.D.Amor, James Earthernware, Frankie Death, and members of John the Band (the skip-hop collective whose only rule for membership was that collaborators needed to change their names to John), Myth Eaters and Vocabularinist among others.