Rifled Slug

1993 — 1995

t.k. bollinger – Too cool for school 1990

Seventeen years of straight schooling (12 of those in Catholic institutions) is enough to drive anyone to dreams of drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll.

So it was that t.k. bollinger, with a double degree in philosophy and law under his belt – and a bad case of institutional burn out – forsook the bar and a wig and chose instead to gig in bars. Picking up a pair of hickory sticks and screaming into much abused microphones in the plethora of unsavoury music venues around Melbourne town in 1994, Bollinger formed Rifled Slug together with bassist/guitarists Marty Spinardi and Robyn Spear. All three members were songwriters, so Rifled Slug’s oeuvre was bound to be eclectic and relationships in such an entity were bound to be complicated.

Slug played the bars and clubs of Melbourne for a couple of years and released a number Cassette EP’s on Bollinger’s Yippie Bean label, which he founded for the purpose of publishing the lofty thinking-person’s zine Radiation from Space. These songs were collected on the CD Form Preceeds Destiny – a rough and unpolished collection of alt-rock ranging from tuneful and mournful instrumentals to messy noise-rock outpourings.