t.k. bollinger

2004 to present

TK Bollinger Wearing Brother Spare a Buck linedraw 5

After DJing on every floor of Inflation, coordinating the chill stage at the Barmah Festival and 2 odd years of weekly radio jams in the graveyard shift on 3CR, Bollinger suffered techno burnout. After a little soul searching he picked up his guitar again and began revisiting the acoustic sadcore that originally inspired him to take up music.

In 2004, a trip up the east coast of Australia and through the desert to the top end, collecting songs and impressions on his way, led to a decision to strip back his sound and to begin playing solo and unadorned. The resulting collection of songs inspired by this trip became My Delicate Melancholy Devotion/It always ends in tears.

Pairing up with chanteuse Cherie Hughes, aka Madam ZuZu, the resulting recording was a beautiful collection of stripped back rootsy tunes (My Delicate Melancholy Devotion), including a couple covers of heartbreak pop classics Love is a Battlefield and Nothing Compares 2 U.

A number of these tunes appeared in Bollinger’s multimedia stage production Anamnesis in the 2005 Melbourne Fringe Festival, an account of his heartbreak after the disintegration of his relationship with TSBOJ’s Brigitte Corbett at the turn of the millennium.

t.k. bollinger laneway blues
Bollinger followed up Melancholy Devotion with the Sad City Twilight Demo EP which he recorded “straight to mini-disk” with minimal overdubs. This recording also featured the sweet gentle voice of Steph Brett, an occasional and always welcome Bollinger collaborator.

Bollinger’s relationship to the theatre continued in 2007 with his role as musical director, song-smith and band leader for the musical-meets-monologue small house Liza Dezfouli production Festina Lente/Hasten Slowly.

After the birth of his daughter Amelia in 2008, Bollinger’s time was split between toddler wrangling and retreating to the studio to work on his sophomore LP, A Wide Road Called Sorrow. His sound continued to evolve on this recording, supported by a creative cast of Melbourne’s finest, including jazz bassist and pedagogue Ben Harmsen (the Jazz Partisans), talented stick man Adam Duffy (Detonators, Red Rivers, The Sirens, The Goodtime Medicine Band), Steph Brett (the Dreamland Band), as well as the core duo of Jen and Chris from the gorgeous mountain music revivalist the Bitter Sweets (now Slim Dime).

In 2011 with the family away for a week’s toe splashing on the Gold Coast, Bollinger pushed a microphone in front of his guitar and recorded his most recent material in the 7 song collection denial.

Stripped back and slowed down, with the odd peppering of distortion and melodica, this set the stage for Bollinger’s later self produced collections of songs: 2016’s Shy Ghosts, 2017’s What’s Left Now You are Dead to Me, 2018’s The Tighter You Hold Onto Something the More Likely it Will Fall Apart in Your Hands, and 2020’s The Child Who Does Not Feel the Comfort of the Village Will Burn it Down to Feel its Warmth.

In 2021 Bollinger has taken on the unenviable task of releasing a 4 track EP every month. Collectively known as the Ordinary EP’s, these orchestrated works, reminiscent of the gorgeous music production of Lee Hazelwood with a twist of Bacharach, are loosely themed meditations on everyday choices, experiences and hurdles that imbue all of our lives with their own unique, yet common-place, aura.