Betting on Your Dying Day Video

The other day I was having my regular coffee and philosophy rap with my friend Matthew Engert. Matthew has been threatening to make a music video for one of the tunes I’ve been recording with my band, that sinking feeling, for a long while. But on this day, once the coffee buzz had dissipated and the trail for trapping life’s meaning had grown cold, we decided to do something about it.

While walking home, we headed into the old dunny-truck alleyways that lie behind the Thornbury cafe we were haunting. Through sheer good karma we came across a vacant house with half it’s back fence missing, and decided it was the perfect place to shoot a video. We decided there and then to meet the next day and start filming.

When the next morning came around, the conditions for shooting were fine. The vigilance of the locals was sinister and palpable, but after a few friendly words, we were given the run of the joint.

After 4 hours of filming and many hours of editing, rendering, beard scratching and muttered cursing on Matthew’s part, here is the result:

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