A Catalogue of Woe Reviews

It’s been six months since t.k. bollinger and that sinking feeling released A Catalogue of Woe. A feat that my blogging brain has not, as yet, celebrated. Rather than bore you with slanted insiderisms, I thought I’d post a few quotes and links to reviews from the States and Europe which have given me some added zest to keep on treading the lonely road of independent music making.

The Burning Beard / Ride With the Devil

In October 2014 we received our first review courtesy of the prolific stoner, doom, psych, desert, space & southern rock blog The Burning Beard (Formerly: Ride With the Devil). Of course you’ll want to click on this link and read the whole thing yourself, but here are a couple of my favorite quotes from the review.

Sounding weary but willing to endure more troubles

The music targets an itch not many bands try to scratch

Southern Psych Groove

Harking out of the fertile ferment of the Greek Psy and Roots Scene, this tumbler blog of the amazingly supportive Spyreas Sid not only described the album, lovingly, as “9 tunes of soul shredding cries and torment” but including Nothing is Always Certain as one of his favorite tracks of 2014.

Swedish Embassy of Gothic Country

The latest review comes from another prolific reviews site the Swedish Embassy of Gothic Country which graced us with a review even though we didn’t quite fit into its usual musical field of vision.

Again, here are a few of my favorite quotes:

The music is dark and depressing located in the absolute outskirts of what this website deals with. However, I like it.

the doom and the gloom is here balanced with a considerable proportion of fragility.

The album cover is in fact so dark that I had to adjust the brightness of the album image so it would be possible to distinguish the motif. The music is even darker, but not beyond what you can take with a normal emotional setup.

Thanks to these reviewers and please check out their sites if you want to learn about more above and below ground artists translating the cries of their beautifully misshapen souls into plaintive and powerful song.

The Burning Beard (Formerly: Ride With the Devil)
Southern Psych Groove
Swedish Embassy of Gothic Country

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