Coffee and Croon – The first week’s performances

“A pinch and a punch, for the first of the month,” so the old adage goes. A pinch is quite apt for this first week of March, as at times I have felt like I have been walking in a rather exciting dream.

After last week’s delightful collaboration with Pixy Muse, I decided to push things out into the world a little further by beginning a daily performance at 11am. I dubbed it Coffee and Croon and it began on Monday, going Live on Facebook. The response was exciting to say the least with many messages of encouragement and tips thrown into my hat by people all over the world.

The only critical comment came from an old musical friend who told me

“technically crooning is singing softly through a mic! It started in the 1920s with the invention of the microphone which allowed singers without strong voices to be heard over the band! This meant that their tones could be gentle rather than stentorian and still be heard.”

I stand corrected 😉 But I’m pretty fond of the name, so Coffee and Croon it shall remain.

The first 5 performances are now all up on my YouTube channel, and I have embedded them into a playlist in the post below.

The other exciting piece of news came from my daily twitter chats, where I met a UK podcaster, the lovely smooth talking Marc Jeffrey. Upon sharing my Shy Ghosts album, he instantly fell in love with my music and has featured me on this weeks podcast. I asked him about his experiences with the paranormal, and he gave a great answer, so tune in to that blog below.

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