Dark as Night, Sweet as Sin – A new collaboration with Pixy Muse

An exciting collaboration was born this week. I have been working on a number of new recordings. One of which is a tale of dark initiation called Dark as Night, Sweet as Sin. It’s a story of taking that first step into a place that will change your whole outlook on the world. When I wrote it, I pictured a forest clearing enveloped in moonlight. A group of naked people and a ritual knife. The rest I will leave up to your imagination.

This month has been a sort of initiation for me. I have begun to leave the studio and reach out to people to talk about life, love, heartbreak and, of course, music. My reason for doing this is to find allies – to build a community around my creativity – and to make connections with new listeners, as well as new collaborators. I have been doing this, mainly by chatting with people on Twitter.

I’ve met people from all over the world with their own passions and taste. Some have educated me and introduced me to great new bands. Others have impressed me with their own creativity.

One person who fits into the later category is Pixy Muse from the great state of Louisiana. What struck me most about her, other than her openness and willingness to express her feelings fearlessly, was the beautiful naive charm of her compositions. Just a keyboard and her wonderful voice weaving her own stories into songs that tell of her own trials of love.

What I most enjoyed about Pixy’s songs was the authenticity of her expression and her total lack of pretension. She was obviously just being herself, and that’s what resonates most in me when it comes to music. Her arrangements and delivery reminded me of the work of Teutonic songstress Nico, most famous for her collaboration with the Velvet Underground, but a true innovator in her own right.

Pixy and I started chatting about music and she proposed a duet. I suggested she add vocals to one of the tracks I have been working on for my next release and she was not afraid to try. What she gave me was amazing – even new lyrics to add to the dark tale of initiation that the song was weaving. This was the perfect song to begin our collaboration and I look forward to sharing more highlights from this musical relationship in the future.

You can hear Pixy’s heart wrenching song Unhealthy Attachment in the video below. Subscribe to her channel if you like what you hear and leave her a comment and say t.k. sent you.

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