Naked Despair

As those linked to us on the facebook juggernaut may know I have a show coming up on the 20th of December, but what you may not know is that we are also working on 3 albums at the same time: the ongoing covers collection “The Roots of Despair”; the definitive doom blues monument “A Catalogue of Woe”, and the post-doom extravaganza “12 Songs to My Imaginary Jilted Lover”.

In preparation of the later, I have been noodling away in solo mode and have put together an acoustic demo of some of the songs that will appear on the Jilted Lover recording. Maintaining the jaunty titles I have dubbed this “Naked Despair”. In a spirit of overwhelming generosity, and giddy bewilderment, I have posted those songs on my bandcamp page for you to listen, digest, and comment on below.

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