Sadcore Bricolage 02

It’s been a great week for new music recommendations. Again this playlist covers a vast number of styles and genres, though they share that potential of being able to conjure a tear in the corner of the eye, or at least a little shudder in the heart.


Featured Songs and Artists

We start the bad ol’ times with an oldy – one of the songs that turned me onto the whole alt-country scene 16 odd years ago – appropriate really, because the band is 16 Horsepower, who are well worth exploring if you like a bit of honesty and fire and brimstone in your country music. Other old favorites in this playlist include sad-girl doom-goth pioneers The 3rd and the Mortal, and the equally epic progressive doom outfit from New York, Occultation.

I also discovered a number of new bands this week, thanks to the selfless sharing of new friends on Twitter. Two of these bands have long and worthy histories of which I have, until this week, been totally oblivious. These include Eels, originally from California, and the prolific Liverpudlians Anathema. The third have one of the most interesting band names, and a worthy back catalogue under their belts as well, empire! empire! (I was a lonely estate).

The catalogue of sad singer songwriters continues to grow with the pleasantly weird Bon Iver who has been stretching song production into the territory of noise music. As well you will discover here the gorgeous Icelandic songstress Myrra Ros. Also some beautiful folk tinged tunes from Morgan Erina, AdriAnne Lenker, and the sweetly mournful instrumentalists brave timbers, from Northumberland. Finally we must not forget American songwriting darling Ryan Adams, who’s song of lost love, Amy, to my mind, conjures the shade of Elliott Smith, the much missed master sadcore singer songwriter.

The popular is not neglected in this playlist either with English diva Lapsley, getting a guernsey.

More Music

For those hungry for even more tunes, check out Strawberry Tongue Radio where you can lose yourself for hours and bath in the aura of supremely good taste that they radiate.

As well checkout Jesse Rosenbaum’s engaging and musically enlightening podcast Audio Disclosure.

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