Sadcore Bricolage 03

My ears are still being sweetly seduced by many recommendations of artists in different styles and genres, and I am being overwhelmed by the view of the vast country of undiscovered music that is available on Spotify and the interwebs. So I shall grind it down for you with this select bunch of old and new tunes, delicious and downcast, that will move your heart to the the pole of, somewhat, sad feelings.


Featured Songs and Artists

One artist that was recommended to me in the last few weeks is Swiss songstress Emilie Zoé. She has a rough yet delicate production style that I really enjoy, and beautiful melancholy melodies to match. Continuing the sad folk streak is Weyes Blood, the musical nom de plume of state side multi-instrumentalist Natelie Mering, whose voice and intonation owes more to the folk stylings of Sandy Denny than her American vocal forebears. Another American musical maven making a name for herself is Emma Ruth Rundle, and her tune Marked For Death is a roaring exposition your ears will drink like a dying man drinks water.

Another new artist I have had pushed on me and embraced most willingly is Feeding Fingers. With a nod to gothic pop and then some, they create a lovely sonic tapestry, heavy on the black thread.

I dug up some old musical loves for this list as well. Firstly US underground songwriter Eleni Mandell, who I discovered in a secondhand record store some 10 or so years ago, when I found her album from 2000, Thrill, and fell straight away in love with her left of field song writing and her staunch independent careerist mind set. And what is a sadcore offering without a tip of the hat to the marvelously mournful music of The Cure, true Kings (in exile) of the land of tearful gentlemen.

Some other old faves in this list include Tom Waits, the supremely terrifying Diamanda Galas and Australian born, but sad world wandering masters of darkness Crime and the City Solution. And a sneak appearance from the delightful Ms Eartha Kitt, extolling the joys of being evil.

This playlist concludes with some progressive metal from the land of Vikings. Denmark’s Saturnus sculpt a beautiful ode to the dark called, fittingly enough, All Alone.

However you, my friend, are not alone, so long as you have ears and the will to listen. Enjoy!

More Music

For those hungry for even more tunes, check out Strawberry Tongue Radio where you can lose yourself for hours and bath in the aura of supremely good taste that they radiate.

As well checkout Jesse Rosenbaum’s engaging and musically enlightening podcast Audio Disclosure.

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