Dark as Night, Sweet as Sin – A new collaboration with Pixy Muse

I have been working on a number of new recordings. One of which is a tale of dark initiation called Dark as Night Sweet as Sin. It’s a story of taking that first step into a place that will change your whole outlook on the world. It’s the perfect song with which to share the tale of how I met Pixy Muse.

Sadcore Bricolage 03

Another handpicked bunch of songs, delicious and downcast, that will move your heart to the the pole of, somewhat, sad feelings.

Sadcore Bricolage 02

It’s been a great week for new music recommendations. Again this playlist covers a vast number of styles and genres, though they share that potential of being able to conjure a tear in the corner of the eye, or at least a little shudder in the heart.

Sadcore Bricolage 01

New music recommendations have been coming thick and fast this past week. I wanted to share some of these songs with you. Check out this first Sadcore Bricolage Spotify playlist.

A Catalogue of Woe Reviews

It’s been six months since t.k. bollinger and that sinking feeling released A Catalogue of Woe. A feat that my blogging brain has not, as yet, celebrated. Rather than bore you with slanted insiderisms, I thought I’d post a few quotes and links to reviews from the States and Europe […]