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Short Biography

Sad sack and tiller of doom, t.k. bollinger has been writing and recording songs since the grunge plague of 1991.

He cut his teeth playing drums for one of the best bands you’ve probably never heard of, The Stinking Badger of Java.

While briefly defecting to electronica at the end of the millennium, he saw the error of his ways driving through the deserts of Australia in 2004. Collecting songs and impressions on his way to the top-end caused him to strip back his material and to begin playing an idiosyncratic style of country blues.

Not content to leave things there, and to cries of Judas, he went electric again in 2011, and began jamming with old friends Vis Ortis and R.S. Amor. The ensuing musical apoplexy coalesced into the doom-blues outfit t.k. bollinger and that sinking feeling. They completed their first album, A Catalogue of Woe, in August 2014. Upon it’s release, the rest of his band was so appalled that they moved to Tasmania.

While patching things up, via Ouija board, Bollinger took it upon himself to complete his next album all alone. What emerged was his bummer opus Shy Ghosts, a collection of slow, delicately arranged songs that speak of sorrow and loss, dementia and decay, fog and fear. Oh happy day!

2016 has been a year of preparation as well. The new That Sinking Feeling album, Doom Blues, is close to completion. As well bollinger is working on a huge collection of solo material, along with Vis Ortis, under the working title You Are Dead To Me.


Shy Ghosts Art and Lyrics

Follow this link or click on the cover below to find art and lyrics for the Shy Ghosts Album to be released 2016.

Shy Ghosts Cover t.k. bollinger

t.k. bollinger Shy Ghosts series

Photo shoot for Shy Ghosts album art by Yippie Bean

t.k. bollinger and that sinking feeling

That sinking feeling by Adamor Ziltch
That sinking feeling by Adamor Ziltch

Digital manipulation by Vis Ortis.

t.k. bollinger

Stills from the video Brother Do You Have a Buck for Me live at the Empress Hotel Melbourne by Ziltch.

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