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I’m thrilled that you’ve taken up this offer and can’t wait to mail these 2 CDs to you. They should be in the mail to you within the next 2 business day. Happy listening.

Catalogue of Woe is the first album of t.k. bollinger’s collaborative project That Sinking Feeling. Featuring Vis Ortis on drums and R.S. Amor on Bass it is a collection of dark confessional doom-blues mixed with tortured, soul-soaked dirges and angsty minor key rock.
CD Comes with booklet and Jewel case insert (no jewel case is shipped to make shipping easier and in order to avoid breakage)

9 Tracks.

Shy Ghosts is a collection of slow, delicately arranged songs that speak of sorrow and loss, dementia and decay, fog and fear.
CD is shipped in printed cardboard sleave. (no jewel case is necessary)

13 Tracks.
1 hr 11min


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