The Tighter You Hold Onto Something The More Likely It Will Fall Apart In Your Hands CD




The 10 song album in snazzy 6 panel Digicase. Enjoy the ritual of listening to the new album via the old school technology of the Compact Disc. This album will only be available for shipping by late August 2018.

The music – an overview of the songs on this album.

Living God: Have you ever woken from a beautiful dream and been struck with the profundity of the loss that you felt afterwards? You are in good company. Dream on sweet soul but learn to let go of your unconscious delights, because while you may pine, others will no doubt sell their souls to possess the fancies that the living god has dangled before their eyes.

Now or Never: This is a tale about Gunna who’s dream is, “I’m gunna be a big doom blues sing- er one day.” We know your real name, Gunna.

Colour By Numbers: Colours change depending on the light. And when we paint the world in colours that are not our own, we are likely to feel disappointed with the life that is the result. Therefore have the courage to choose your own palette, or you may end up as a protagonist in a t.k. bollinger song.

Lurking (Help Me Through The Day): Even if the journey of life is a road to nowhere, there are things that make it worth the struggle and give the challenge meaning. Those things are per- sonal, not necessarily universally profound, but they help us make it through the day

Compassion Fatigue: As the tech world so wisely reminds us, failure and innovation are inextri- cably linked. Though a source of frustration, banging your head against a problem, while futile at times, can sometimes uncover solutions both startling and new. However what happens when the flame that drives us dies, and yet the momentum remains? The tyres continue to roll, but it’s as though nobody is holding the wheel.

Colour Blind: In moments of trepidation we must balance our ability to help with our ability to cope. As the laminated card before you says, put your own mask on before assisting other pas- sengers.

Get it Right: A portrait of the artist as an old man. Here we find our song’s protagonist, having exhausted all options, leading the rallying cry of all sad bastards everywhere “Give up. Lay down and take a nap!” Hopefully upon waking things will at least seem easier.

Where to Now?: Do you have all the answers? Then we’d love to hear from you because sometimes it seems this world is hurtling from one anticlimax to the another.

The Least of All Possible Worlds: Get ready for some metaphysics. If, as some believe, every mo- ment of choice involves the coalescence of one path, and the separation of that reality from all the other possible choices we did not make, what then is authentic or true reality? Does some aspect of us continue to live a different life from the one we live, going on to make their own choices that echo back to us through quantum entanglement, giving us snap shots of paths we refused to take and worlds we can only now see evaporate in dreams?

Trajectories (In Freefall): If we have been truly set adrift, untethered from certainties and ideolo- gies, only our own habits and choices are left to direct us on our path through life. Are we trajec- tories in freefall? Making meaning is now a game we all need to play.

1. Living God 5:04
2. Now or Never 4:17
3. Colour by Numbers 4:56
4. Lurking (Help Me Through the Day) 4:25
5. Compassion Fatigue 5:37
6. Colour Blind 5:14
7. Get It Right (Sad Bastard) 6:30
8. Where to Now 4:10
9. The Least of All Possible Worlds 4:51
10. Trajectories 5:15

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