What’s Left Now You Are Dead To Me

This 16 song collection continues to explore t.k. bollinger’s usual dark terrain, though with a little more lushness than 2016’s Shy Ghosts. The stripped back minimalism is still there in songs such as Shovelling/Struggling, but with the inclusion of long time co-conspirator Vis Ortis wearing a co-production hat and providing drum programming and sound manipulation, the atmosphere has thickened and accordingly the sonic texture has become much richer.

Bollinger has even added the occasional keyboard line and there is a distinct triphop feel to some of these songs (see Enough Rope for instance and the sinister and seductive collaboration with Texas’ Pixy MuseDark as Night Sweet As Sin).

Some of the tracks are more along the lines of the angular minor key rock that we would expect from bollinger’s old band, That Sinking Feeling – songs such as The More I See The Less I Want and It’s Just Changed.

The Gothic Country vibe however is still strong, particularly in opening track, A Life of Fear and the latin tinged May Death Come Welcome. Folky elements also appear, reminiscent of bollinger’s earlier Country blues explorations, in songs such as Where We Walked Today and The Same Tears.

People like you and a handful of meds keep me here. Great music is everything. – Sardonic Sloth Ohio

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