Shy Ghosts

These 13 tracks have been lovingly crafted to bring you the maximum downer bliss. Each song was arranged around 4 and 8 bar acoustic guitar chord patterns. All development in the melody is left to Bollinger’s voice, which hatches musical themes reminiscent of heartrending Soul and dark Gregorian chant, as well as the lengthy doom tinged guitar solos which soar and plummet between the verses.

This gives this music the impression of some ambling, yet beautiful, musical monster pieced together from inspiration, Bollinger freely admits, gleaned from Jason Molina’s sparse acoustic master piece “Let me go, Let me go, Let me go”, Gothic Country, Doom Metal and the soaring solos from Sigur Rós’ beautiful Ágætis Byrjun. A creature searching for answers to the eternal question, “Why does suffering exist?”

No clear answers emerge, other than we must keep walking and enjoy the brief insights and the occasional ray of hope that helps us to summon forth compassion for the shy ghosts that hide in our shadows.

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